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Fukui International Activity Plaza

Get information for a more comfortable life

For foreign residents in Fukui, getting access to local information can be a problem.

The Fukui Prefecture International Activities Plaza, located at the corner of the intersection of Sakura Dori Street and Osensui Dori Street, serves a very unique function.

One of its tenants is the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Fukui International Association, which shares information regarding international exchange, encouraging active participation by the people of Fukui Prefecture.

What the Plaza Provides

There are a passport processing corner, main office, café and information library on the first floor.

In this library, people and organizations post job offerings on the wall.

Many different kinds of jobs for full timers or part timers can be found there. This information is so beneficial and helpful for foreign residents looking for a new position.

Also, many foreign residents seem to be interested in postings concerning used furniture or other household items.

Language Courses

Moreover, Japanese language classes for non-native speakers are held here.

The payment system for Beginners 1 & Conversation and Beginners 2 & Conversation classes are 2,000 yen a class each until the sixth class. After the seventh class it goes down to 1,000 yen a class each. When you’ve successfully completed all the classes, all the tuition you paid will be refunded. There is no charge for the textbook. I believe there is nobody who can’t make use of these courses. And this is must-see information for ALTs: All the classes are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings so that people can easily attend.

Fukui is a safe place to live, but for those who live in here, far from their home country, it is a real comfort to have extra care like this provided. 

Please make use of these great old-fashioned, analog, person to person resources, and get beyond just using the Internet in your life!

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