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Fukui's Taichoji Temple in Snow

Silent snow-covered temple off the beaten track

On January 3rd this year, we had a miraculous sunny day in Fukui, so I ventured out to take some photos at Taichoji Temple, which I also visited in early October last year. However, by the time I reached the temple, the whimsical Fukui weather changed, and I ended up taking photos in a cold, sleety rain. Furthermore, as this temple is generally unknown, nobody had stepped in the snow, meaning, I had to MAKE the pathway with my own legs to explore the snow-buried grounds. However, once I stepped in the knee-deep snow I couldn't move, so I twisted my upper body like a clumsy robot while squatting in the same position, which resulted of course in a severe muscle pain afterward. But I was just happy to see one of my favorite temples in white snow!

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