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Taicho-ji Temple, Fukui

The birthplace of Fukui's great monk, Taicho Daishi

Taicho Daishi was a famous Shugendo monk in the Hokuriku region, who is said to be the first person to have climbed Mount Haku in 717. Mount Haku is one of the three 'Holy Mountains' in Japan, along with Mount Fuji and Mount Tate, and climbing one of them was a great achievement at the time. Just imagine climbing any of these three mountains wearing only flat shoes made of straw! And he did not only climb it, but also lived in the mountain and trained there for months! Although he was already famous as a great monk in the region, he gained a Japan-wide reputation for this achievements. He continued to pray for and heal people until he died at the age of eighty-six. He left his footsteps in many places through his missionary work, which earned him the reverential title, 'Etsu-no Daitoku (Man of Great Virtue in Echizen). This temple was founded by Taicho himself at his own birthplace in 717, just before he departed to climb Mount Haku.

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