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Night-time Ohanami: Asuwa Riverbank

Enjoy Ohanami Party under the illuminated cherry trees

After a long hibernation in snow, people in Fukui finally wake up and venture out of their comfortable nests to do just one thing. What makes them go out? Cherry blossoms of course! I love the view of cherry blossoms basking in the warm sunlight, who wouldn't? But the night-time view when they are lit-up is spectacular, isn't it? When you add a couple of bottles of good sake or wine to a great view, or a walk under the beautifully illuminated cherry trees with your beloved ones, there isn't anything more you'll want in the world! Walk under these cherry trees in full bloom on the Asuwa riverbank in Fukui, and you'll know what I mean. For daytime photos, please enjoy my other photo story.

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