Fishing at a Waterfall in Itoshima, Fukuoka

Make your weekend memorable at Shiraito no Taki

By Micaela Braithwaite    - 2 min read

This video is shot at Shiraito no Taki on crowded Sunday. Shiraito no Taki literally means the "White String Waterfall" and this one, in particular, is accessible all year round and officially recognized as a natural attraction here in Fukuoka prefecture.

The air is cooler up in the mountains and in summer it becomes a tourism hot spot introducing outdoor activities such as fishing in the river bed. For many of the city kids, this is the closest to real fishing that they are ever going to get so it's no wonder this spot is popular with families.

For 2000 yen, you can rent a fishing rod, bucket and buy a bag of shrimp and try your luck at catching the freshwater yamame. If you think this is a little pricey, do not worry. Even if you do not catch any fish yourself, you can return your fishing gear and get free yamame to take home with you anyway.

Once you are done fishing for the day, you can choose to take your freshly caught fish home with you or exchange them with some salt grilled yellow yamame cooked right on the spot.

Although it is a bit crowded, it is so nice to breathe the fresh mountain air. If you are looking for a day trip away from the city, Shiraito no Taki is close by and family-friendly fun.

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Kim 2 years ago
Looks like a fun family day out!