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Maizuru Park & Tanabe Castle

A flurry of violets and pinks in Nishi-Maizuru

It was the year 1600. Hosokawa Fujitaka was under siege at Tanabe Castle. With just 500 defenders, they faced 15,000 attackers on the other side of the wall. Unlike the hilltop position that Fukuchiyama Castle enjoyed, the flatland position here left them exposed. It seemed hopeless, but they were saved after 50 days under the personal negotiation of the emperor himself. Today you can relive this historic battle in the free museum, while outside in the reconstructed garden and castle walls, all you can hear is the gentle breeze in the forests and the sound of birds chirping. It is a gentle place to take a stroll, slow down and hear the heartbeat of nature around you.

Known by the locals as Tanabe-jo or Bugaku-jo, the castle and Maizuru Park is one of the highlights of Nishi Maizuru. It is only one stop from Higashi Maizuru, home to a deepwater port and the International Cruise Ship Terminal. Nishi Maizuru is also the gateway to Miyazu and Amanohashidate on the KTR private railway. Why not stay at the Seikiro Ryokan and take in all the scenic and historic sights of this side of Kyoto?

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