Fukushima City Cat Cafe

Kawaii cats just a 5 minutes' walk from the station

By Justin Velgus    - 2 min read

Just a 5 minute walk from JR Fukushima Station is the Fukushima city branch of Sendai’s Neko Café Aikyatto. Opening 7 years ago, the cat café inside MAX Fukushima has been very popular thanks to its cute cats and ideal location. Located on the 5th floor, it is adjacent to a movie theater. Many friends and families stop by after a movie, taking advantage of movie + cat café discount deal. At the same time, the prefectural government buildings are just 15 minutes away. Since the cat café is open until 9pm, late night working office workers occasionally stop by to relieve stress before catching a train back home. All sorts of customers come, whether for just 15 minutes (350 yen), an hour or two (1000-2000 yen), or stay all day with the free time option (2100 yen). All options include snacks (crackers, biscuits) and soft drink/tea bar.

There are more or less 15 cats inside this very impressive cat paradise. Cats are free to do as they want. That includes running, climbing, lounging, and playing with customers and each other. Customers may gently pet cats and can take as many pictures as they would like, but no flash. The atmosphere is quite relaxing with the sofas, magazines, cat profiles and cat watching. There is a mysterious model of a cat shrine which is said to be in Fukushima, though it is not famous like the Cat Island in Miyagi.

Overall, this is a fun, relaxing, and cute experience. The easy access and price options make it a fun outing or part of a longer itinerary. All I know is, I will be going back!

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