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Tou-no-Hetsuri Cliff Face

Fukushima's natural monument

'Hetsuri' is a word from Fukushima dialect meaning the dangerous cliff by the river. This gives rise to this monument's name, 'Tou-no-hetsuri', meaning 'the tower cliff'.

It made me dizzy just looking at it. Tou-no-hetsuri is designated as a natural monument because of its unique topography formed over millions of years of erosion. It's no wonder so many tourists visit here.

The view of Tou-no-hetsuri from the train was spectacular. But I also became too afraid to go down to look at the cliff after I got off!

My friends were eager to look over the edge of the cliff and I just stood back and took a photo of them.

I was delighted to see a very unique scene that I'm not able to see everyday, and the weather was great too. This topography is located inside of a park so you can also enjoy walking in the surrounding area.

We visited a souvenir store after taking some photos.

In my personal opinion, souvenir stores in Japan are very neatly organized. I had miso soup cooked with locally made miso at the store and it was delicious. 

Tou-no-hetsuri is one of the rare topographies of the world so please make sure to visit when you're in Fukushima!

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