Ouchi-juku under Snow

Winter wonderland at Fukushima's star attraction

By Tom Roseveare   Feb 2, 2015

Ouchi-juku is an Edo-Period post station located in Shimogo Town, Aizu County, Fukushima Prefecture. Rows of thatched traditional buildings line the main road, with stores selling souvenirs and several restaurants selling traditional food.

Towards the northern end, you can climb up to a vantage point that provides beautiful views across the entire village and surrounding valley. Not everything at Ouchi-juku is open in the middle of winter, but that makes it relatively quiet and peaceful.

The mountainous roads here can be treachorous and covered in snow stopping many possibly visiting by car. Otherwise, it's a 15 minute taxi ride from Yunokami Onsen Station for those coming by train. If you've made it this far, be sure to try the local speciality of soba with leek, with Misawaya the most famous restaurant here selling it.​

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Andrew Choi a year ago
beautiful pictures.
Olga Kaneda a year ago
Very beautiful photos! The cover photo is stunning!
Cordelia Ding a year ago
The snow is gorgeous!
Preethu a year ago
Beautiful Pictures.
Olga Kaneda 3 years ago
So beautiful and so cold!