Eihoji - Tajimi's Temple

Beautiful gardens and a school for monks

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Eihoji was established in 1313 and is a Zen Buddhist temple in Tajimi City of Gifu Prefecture. Associated with this temple is a school for Zen Buddhist monks. The beautiful and vast Japanese gardens and ponds with Koi fishes are the center of attraction. A small bridge across the pond connects the garden area with the temple building. Each season adorn this temple and its surroundings in the most beautiful way. Even though the temple is only opened occasionally, many visitors flew here especially during autumn and winter. Situated between dense forests and mountain ranges with the Toki river flowing alongside, it is a relaxing area for the mind, being far away from the city.

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Kim a year ago
The reflection on the pond is lovely!
Shri Bhagwan Sharma 4 years ago
natural view of this temple.