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Joshuyuno Lake

A blue lake in the middle of the moutains

On my way to Kusatsu, I decided to take an alternative road which was slower and less touristy. On Google maps, I could spot a great blue lake on the way so I decided to try. It is called Joshuyuno Lake.

The lake is not as interesting as the one in Nakanojo that I saw a few weeks back. Its color is a lighter blue, but this lake is used to treat the pH of the water coming from the Kusatsu water. There is an explanation board about it, but only in Japanese. After that, the water is released into the river. Without treatment, no fish would be able to survive in it, because of the pH levels.

Going up the road a little bit more, after maybe 4 minutes by car, there is an ancient cemetery.

The road is sharp, pretty narrow at some points and has a lot of curves. But the best thing is that I was able to spot some wilds animals on the way. I could see a big monkey relaxing just next to the road. This way led to Chatsubomi-goke Moss Park as well.

Getting there

From Naganohara, take road 292 and 405.

To follow with a visit to Chatsubomi- goke Moss Park, continue by taking road 55.

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