Mount Iwabitsu

Rocky cliffs and castle ruins in Higashiagatsuma

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Mount Iwabitsu is a famous landmark in the Gunma prefecture with 200 meter high rocky cliffs. A well known trekking path leads from Mount Iwabitsu starting at Gobara station, to Iwabitsu Castle Ruins in Higashiagatsumamachi, near Agatsuma train station.

Free parking is available (5 minutes from the Gobara station), and, there is a map of the path and the sightseeing spots. On the way to the mountain, the trail passes through a small and beautiful village with traditional Japanese houses. I went to see the Senryuin site, the ruins of an ancient guest house, which is the first sightseeing spot on the map. There is a picnic area with some tables and chairs there.

On my way back, I stopped at a garden and Mitsuya Shrine. From there, the view of the valley is tremendous and I could see Mount Haruna. Just for this view, the trip to Iwabistu was worth it. Some people who went to the top of the mountain were even saying that it is possible to see Mount Fuji when the sky is clear.

Getting there

From Takasaki, take the Agatsuma Line and stop at Gobara station.

From Gobara Station, about 15 minutes walk or 5 minutes by car.

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