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Sennokuro-san Summit

Day two of a two day hike

Day two of my hike up Sennokuro-san was greeted with clear skies and calm air.  My first task upon rising was to descend 100 meters down the valley to access a natural spring and collect my drinking water for the day. A quick breakfast and I'm off.  The day was spent following the ridge line as it gained and lost altitude and connected me with my goal.  In the far distance I could see the summit I was after, but I could also see the clouds rolling in from the Gunma side of the range.  Their slow lumbering progress mimicked my own, and it was a foot race to see who would conquer the summit first.  Unfortunately, I reached the summit just as the clouds enveloped the peak.  All I could see was blues skies above and a white abyss below.  "Shoganai" ("that's life" in Japanese).

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