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Fruit Cafe Tamaru, Hiroshima

A fresh, fun, fruity cafe in the heart of Hiroshima

Japan isn't typically known for its fresh fruit. Its climate isn't as tropical as its southern Asian neighbors, making growing popular fruits a little more difficult. This would probably have you thinking that fresh fruit in Japan is rather expensive and even uncommon... But that is where you would be wrong!!

Nestled on the corner of one of the side streets near the Hondori, is a gorgeous looking storefront which belongs to 'Fruit Cafe Tamaru'. With garden chairs and flowers out the front, boxes of fresh fruit waiting to be bought and big white French doors lining the edge of the cafe, it would be hard for this place not to catch your eye. Fruit Cafe Tamaru is an extension of a small fruit vendor near Hiroshima station which has been around for 70 years! This new adaptation hosts a beautifully warm and spacious cafe with plenty on offer.

For a fruit cafe, the menu is rather extensive. You can choose from fruit platters, crepes, parfaits, smoothies, juices and even fruit sandwiches! There are also a few bar stools inside where you can sit and enjoy a cold beer... with a side of fruit, of course! Prices aren't too steep either, with a smoothie costing around ¥500 and a big fruit platter, complete with ice-creme and crepes, costing ¥950. The menus are all in Japanese but it really is a visual menu, with plenty of pictures which will have your eyes dancing around the page and your finger jumping from one thing to another when it comes time to order. So even if you are not a Japanese speaker, definitely don't shy away from this place!

There is a little window at the front of the cafe displaying little prepackaged treats for takeaways. Those on the go can also order fresh smoothies and juices from the here. All takeaway orders come with a ¥100 discount! If you have time though, definitely sit and enjoy the atmosphere. The cafe is as beautiful inside as it is out. Cosy wicker chairs sit on rustic wooden floors and decorative fruits (both real and fake) make the cafe pop with color. Homemade jam jars sit along the shelves, as does dried fruit - All for sale if you feel the need to take a piece of this delightful place home with you... Which you most likely will!

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Saskia Gilmour 7 years ago
I'm impressed - have never stumbled across anything like this before. Seems cheaper to get food here than to by from the local supermarket too!
leapinglemurs88 10 years ago
Looks delicious! Thanks for the article Chantelle.

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