Cafe Fusha

Exquisite parfaits at Hiroshima Station

By Michelle Montano    - 1 min read

Cafe Fusha, located on the fourth floor of Asse in Hiroshima Station, has pizza, pasta and omurice, but perhaps its biggest appeal is its beautifully presented parfaits. 

There are dozens of parfaits of all sorts of flavors and a huge variety of toppings - even cake! People come at all hours of the day to enjoy these exquisite looking and tasting parfaits. It's a favorite among students for after school fun. Couples on dates are also a common sight, but seeing them sharing a single parfait isn't.

Cafe Fusha can be a fun place to visit monthly or even weekly to try out each and every parfait flavor. 

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Michelle Montano

Michelle Montano @michelle.montano

I'm an Asian studies and journalism student who has been studying abroad at Hiroshima Jogakuin University for a year. My hobbies include studying Japanese, reading and writing poetry and traveling Japan. I love cats, visual kei and any and all cartoons.