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Kosanji: A Glorious Temple - 2

Multi-colored temple on the island in Seto Inland Sea

Mr. Kozo Kanemoto (he later changed his surname to Kosanji) started to build this temple in 1937. It took half his life to complete it. It is amazing that he built this entire temple complex by his own means.

The temple grounds, approximately 50,000 square meters, spreads out over the hillside of Mt. Kannon, and more than thirty buildings stand here. As I wrote in the previous story of this series, many of the temple buildings are modeled after some of Japan's finest architectural monuments from renowned temples and shrines: Koyomon Gate from Yomeimon Gate of Nikko Toshogu Shrine, the Main Hall from the Phoenix Hall of Byodoin, etc. The variety of reproductions here are just amazing. In this photo story, details of these buildings are featured. (All photos were taken in May, 2013)

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