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Port town beside the Seto Inland Sea in eastern Hiroshima

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The Perfect Stay at Hotel Cycle


Coming to Japan to cycle the Shimanami Kaido? Hotel Cycle is situated in Onomichi, and is the perfect spot to base yourself if you're..

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About Onomichi

Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture is an unusual and beautiful town facing the Seto Inland Sea.

Both the more common sights in the city and the residential areas are intriguing. Onomichi is a great city to explore by foot, as it is small and there are fascinating sights at every turn. The temples, unusual buildings and curious knickknacks on every street add character to this small town.

The city is famous for many things, but Onomichi is particularly known for its beautiful sea, which is a dazzling blue. In every direction, mountainous islands rise high over the ocean. The glittering sea can be seen from Shimanami Kaido, a highway that connects six islands by a series of bridges. It's common to start a scenic bike ride on Shimanami Kaido in Onomichi.

One of Onomichi's biggest attractions is the Temple Trail, which connects 25 temples. One of the most visited spots on the Temple Trail is Senko-ji, a large temple that was founded in the year 806 and overlooks the city. The trails lead not just to a number of temples and shrines, but also through residential areas, which can be fun to walk through.

There are a lot of shops and small restaurants that one can visit while walking the temple paths. Okonomiyaki shops are particularly common on the streets of Onomichi. Okonomiyaki is Hiroshima Prefecture's specialty food. If you're exploring Onomichi by foot, okonomiyaki can be an excellent choice as it's large, filling and full of both carbs and vegetables.

Another great meal option would be Onomichi's seafood, like sushi and seafood platters. Even Onomichi ramen is made with the flavors of the Seto Inland Sea by means of the city's distinctive dashi (a seafood soup base), which has added pork fat to create a rich flavor.

Other sights in Onomichi include the Cat Alley, which is a small side street with a collection of cat decorations. In fact, Onomichi has cat decorations in most areas, including Onomichi's main shopping street. For cat lovers, Onomichi is an excellent place to buy cat goods.

There are also several peculiar sights on Onomichi's shopping street. Here there are quaint shops that sell books, toys and traditional Japanese items. There are also a number of unusual statues along the street, like that of a robot resembling a Power Ranger and a large cat.

For visitors in Hiroshima, Onomichi can be a nice break from the city.