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Onomichi's Temple Trails

Twist and turn in and around Onomichi's many temples

Trails from mountaintop Senkoji Park meander down to the sea, passing a treasure trove of hidden sights. Forget the map and don't even bother about looking up directions on your phone (this maze of paths is far too intricate to appear on any map app). Follow your instincts and see where you end up. You will be amazed how a bustling city and quaint hillside life can be within only minutes of one another. Narrow dirt paths turn into cobbled streets which weave between tightly packed houses and bring you unexpectedly face to face with historic temples. Tiny bars and cafes nestled in the trees and tucked into the mountainside have you do double takes and peering through to check that your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Put on your explorer's hat and get lost along Onomichi's temple trails... Who knows what you'll find?

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