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Tower of Paradise

Waterfront monument of glory, peace & prosperity

Located next to the Hatoba park, this shiny monument was placed here in 1989 in dedication of the 100th year since the Ujina port was established. Apparently the monument is also supposed to signify Hiroshima's hopes for glory and prosperity as the city of international peace and culture. After the war, this area was left in disuse for many years as it lacked purpose as a military transportation port.

This tower is a modern, futuristic landmark which is a great match for this newly developed fashionable warf and park complex. Cruise ships dock here, there is a large, open space to enjoy the outdoors with island views and the trendy flex gallery shops and eateries run down the waterfront next to it.

Inside, the sculpture has an interesting blue tiled interior and staligmite sculpture. The inside ceiling iron work is also quite interesting.