Makomanai Takino Cemetery

Not your typical cemetery.

 By Michelle Ishiki   Jul 26, 2012

“The unexpected is to be expected", I always say. But I sure wasn't expecting to see a row of towering moai off in the distance in the backroads of Sapporo's countryside that winter's day. What a mysterious sight. I didn't see any signs. Later I discovered it was Makomanai Takino Cemetery. Back to “the unexpected”, Stonehenge, a Great Buddha and other iconic monuments decorate the grounds. Great Buddha, Stonehenge, moai, oh,my!

Photography by Michelle Ishiki
Japan Travel Member

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Elena Lisina a month ago
I'd like to visit that amazing place! Very unusial.
Preethu 6 months ago
Stunning pictures.
Quế Lục Kim 6 months ago
Awesome! Just added Sapporo to my wishlist on Touristeye <3
Cathy Cawood 6 months ago
Fantastic, and like Justin said, "Only in Japan!"
Justin Velgus 6 months ago
This is a "Only in Japan" moment.