Makomanai Takino Cemetery

Not your typical cemetery.

 By Michelle Ishiki   Jul 26, 2012

“The unexpected is to be expected", I always say. But I sure wasn't expecting to see a row of towering moai off in the distance in the backroads of Sapporo's countryside that winter's day. What a mysterious sight. I didn't see any signs. Later I discovered it was Makomanai Takino Cemetery. Back to “the unexpected”, Stonehenge, a Great Buddha and other iconic monuments decorate the grounds. Great Buddha, Stonehenge, moai, oh,my!

Photography by Michelle Ishiki
Japan Travel Member

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Elena Lisina 6 months ago
I'd like to visit that amazing place! Very unusial.
Preethu 11 months ago
Stunning pictures.
Quế Lục Kim 11 months ago
Awesome! Just added Sapporo to my wishlist on Touristeye <3
Cathy Cawood 11 months ago
Fantastic, and like Justin said, "Only in Japan!"
Justin Velgus 11 months ago
This is a "Only in Japan" moment.