Himeji Castle - Restoration

Worth visiting despite the scaffolding

 By Bret de Colebi   Nov 11, 2013

Often, when visiting historic locations throughout Japan, one can read things concerning the original building of the structure and later renewals or reconstructions. But what exactly happens when something is reconstructed? Visitors who may be disappointed to learn that Himeji Castle, world famous for its beauty, is currently closed for renewal might be excited to learn that this affords them the rare opportunity to watch the restoration in action. Himeji Castle is considered one of the three greatest castles in Japan, with a history stretching back to 1333. It is the largest and most visited castle in Japan. Possibly for this reason, the main keep remains open to the public even during reconstruction, with a special elevator and exhibition levels open to the public in order that they not only don't miss the opportunity to see the castle itself, but also so that they can see the renewal in progress. The restoration work is a 5 year project from 2009-2014. To determine what parts of the castle may be closed and how the work is progressing, make sure you check the Himeji Castle website to see the work schedule when you visit.

Photography by Bret de Colebi
Japan Travel Member

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