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Himeji Castle - Finally Uncovered

The restoration is almost over!

Himeji castle is the biggest, the most visited and definitely the most famous castle in Japan. For years the castle was being restored but now, finally, the restoration is coming to an end; we can finally admire its full beauty without any cover! So take a little break from your daily life and go see this masterpiece of architecture.

Historically, the castle was first built in the 14th century as a simple fort and was then modified over time until its definite form in the 17th century. Unlike many of the other castles in Japan, it was never destroyed by any war or natural disasters which adds to its fame. In Japan, its majestic beauty and immaculate white exterior has inspired the nickname The White Heron.

Movie fans will also find the castle interesting because two Kurosawa movies were shot there: Kagemusha (1980), and most famously, Ran (1985); the castle was also featured in a James Bond movie: You only live once (1967)!

Note that until it fully opens in 2015, the tickets are only ¥400 instead of ¥600 so make sure to visit it, especially if you won't be in Japan in March 2015.

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