The Kobe International House

A building with shopping, shows, garden space and more

By Erika Clark    - 1 min read

The Kobe International House (Kokusai Kaikan) is famous for hosting concerts, plays, and shows, but the building houses many other things: cute stores to shop in, restaurants, cooking classes, exercise classes, and a movie theater that plays English films as well as Japanese. The Starbucks on the first floor and stores on B1 seem to be the main areas where people flow into, but the open garden on the 11th floor has always been my favorite part of the building. Be sure to stop by if you're in Sannomiya.

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Erika Clark

Erika Clark @erika.clark

Hello, My name is Erika and I am a Japanese American currently studying in Long Beach State University. CA. I was born and raised in Kobe Japan untill I was 15 and am fluent in both English and Japanese. I find that Japan has so much to offer and hope to share my experiences with you as I explore and discover new favorite spots! Thank you for reading :)