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Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden

Outdoor flower garden and ropeway with a view of Kobe

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden is an interesting place to visit if you like flowers and walking. You can use the ropeway instead of walking or use it one way to the top as I did. From the ropeway car you can enjoy a spectacular view of Kobe City. On the upper station there is a View Plaza where you can gaze down on the colorful flowers in the Herb Gardens, the port city of Kobe, and the sea. On the upper station you can rest and have a meal as there are many restaurants and cafes which serve meals using seasonal herbs. From the upper station I walked down through the gardens with blooming spring flowers and it was a wonderful walk! Various flowers bloom throughout the year. On the way downhill, there are glasshouses with various beautiful flowers, such as fuchsia, hibiscus, angel trumpet, bougainvillea, banana, guava and papaya all year around. On the way down you can visit Nunobiki no Taki Waterfall, which is one of the Best One Hundred Waterfalls of Japan.

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