Nanao Bay Area

Cycling and jogging route on the Noto Peninsula

By Alena Eckelmann    - 2 min read

The Nanao Bay area is very scenic; what better way to explore than close-up with nature? Opt for an active holiday and go cycling or even jogging along the bay shores.

The cycling and marathon running course of 40km leads around the Nanao West Bay. The course is marked by English signs every 5km. It starts in Wakura Onsen, leads across the Noto-jima Inland Bridge, across Noto Island and back across the Noto Twin Bridge. These two bridges make for nice photo spots. Along the course you will also see many villages with well-preserved traditional houses. You can hire cycles at the Wakura Onsen Tourism Office. The rental time is from 9am to 5pm. The fee is  ¥500 per bike and adult, and  ¥300 for a child. Bike rental is not available during the cold season from January until April. Apart from Wakura Hot Spring, there are also Hyokkori Onsen's Shimano-yu on Noto Island and Nakajima Sarutahiko Onsen's Iyashi-no-yu in the Nanao North Bay area. You are spoiled for choice where to have your shower with all these hot springs around.

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