Hanamaki Souminsai

A Shinto purification festival to bring in the new year

By Malcome Larcens    - 1 min read
Venue: Koshio Shrine When: Early Jan 2022
Notice: The dates for this event are not yet confirmed. This page will be updated once the official date(s) are announced by the event organizers. Please check the official event site for the latest info.

The Hanamaki Souminsai is held every year on January 2nd at the Koshio shrine on Mount Koshio.

It's a purification festival for the new year, it starts by making mochi (rice cake) and getting blessings from the local Shinto priest. After that, the participants walk up the mountain holding a torch and a blessing in their mouth to give them more determination.

Hanamaki Souminsai in video

The event finishes with the participants fighting over a pouch, a good luck bag. The fight can last over an hour and is extremely fierce, many participants end up badly bruised up. The winner is said to have a prosperous year.

Getting there

Koshio Shrine is located just a few minutes from Shin-Hanamaki Station. Also accessible by the Kamaishi line from Hanamaki Station.

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Kim a year ago
Elena Lisina a year ago
Brave men!!! WOW! Traditions in Japan are amazing!
Elena Lisina a year ago
Great! I prefer warm time of a year for travelling as I live in a cold place. We have snow and temperatures below zero half a year! Some people dive in ice holes on the holiday of Christening even if it's -20C! :)
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 5 years ago
Wow! Don't they feel cold at all?
Victoria Vlisides 5 years ago
Wow!!!! This would be amazing to watch in person!!
Malcome Larcens Author 5 years ago
I was fully dressed and felt cold. This year wasn't cold compared to other years that I've watched it. This year there was a participant from France, he looked over 60 years old, he came specifically for that. I can't imagine taking part in it myself.