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Jokenji Temple & Kappabuchi Pool

Tono Culture and Folklore at its Finest

The Jokenji Temple is a Soto Zen Sect Buddhist Temple which also features an important part of Tono folklore, the Kappabuchi Pool. On the left side of the temple gardens there is a stone statue called Kappa Komainu (Kappa Guardian Dog). If you pay close attention to the head of this statue, you will notice it has a depression for holding water. According to legend, the Kappa once helped extinguish a fire by pouring out the water from the depression on top of its head. Behind the temple is the Kappabuchi Pool, which is home to mysterious water spirits (Kappa). It's worthy to note that should you be confronted by a kappa, the only way to escape is to make him bow. When he bows, the water on his head will pour out and he will run away. Simple right? I highly recommend Jokenji Temple and the Kappabuchi Pool if you are in Tono. It's a short walk from Denshoen Park.

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