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Fukusenji Temple

One of the Most Spectacular in Tono

Fukusenji Temple is located on a hillside about five kilometers from Tono City and features a five story pagoda, many smaller temples, beautiful Japanese gardens and immaculately maintained grounds. The grounds have a road that allows you to drive to the top instead of walking up the rather steep path, however I recommend taking your time to appreciate the size of the temple grounds and explore all the hidden features of Fukusenji Temple. There are numerous smaller temples scattered amongst the lush foliage, with the largest being at the top of the hillside, one of the most impressive temples you're likely to come across in Tono. The five story pagoda is located halfway down the hill and is also very impressive. Expect to spend one hour wandering the grounds of Fukusenji Temple. The temple and grounds are open everyday from 08:00 ~ 17:00 (April ~ December) and Sundays only (January ~ March). Admission is 300 yen for adults. 

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