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Folklore capital of Japan and home of the Kappa sdf

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Tono's Megane Bridge

Tono's Megane Bridge

Bridget Ye

Watch the SL Ginga and JR Kamaishi Line trains rumble overhead on the Megane Bridge. Not to be confused with the Megane Bridge in..


About Tono

Tono is a small city located in Tohoku's Iwate prefecture. Known as the City of Folklore, Tono is well-known for its abundant collection of folktales as well as dedication to the preservation of traditional culture.

Kunio Yanagita recorded the legends, the Tōno Monogatari, in 1910, preserving the multitude of tales for posterity, and the city has beautifully and uniquely preserved the traditional Japanese farming way of life. Tono is a place of simplicity, beauty and endless landscapes, and is well worth a visit.