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Museum of Asian Ethno-Forms

Asian cultures in one traditional village!

Located in the middle of pine forests, the Museum of Asian Ethno-Forms has made use of Japanese old style buildings to house the plentiful exhibits and makes for an eye-pleasing and unique destination for visitors to this part of the Kuji area. Although the buildings are typical of local vernacular architecture of the Edo Period (1605-1868), they house an interesting and unique collection of artifacts from across Asia that will give visitors a broad overview of Asian arts and culture. The Museum of Asian Ethno-Forms has collections of many items such as traditional costumes, handicrafts, and household wares. These exhibits are on display in two main buildings. The remaining buildings are used as galleries for Japanese culture exhibitions. This is truly a destination to sit down, relax and take a deep breath of the refreshing scent of the pine forest. 

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