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Tohoku Antiques Market

Sunday antiques market along Konya-cho Street, Morioka

Every Sunday on the third week of the month, Konya-cho Street in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, transforms into an antiques market. Vendors are able to open their own booths and stands along the street and in nearby car parks. Visitors will find that all of the old-fashioned and retro items on display are still in very good condition. The main items on sale at this Tohoku Antiques Market are Japanese traditional handicrafts. From second hand kimono, clothes and handicrafts that bear hallmarks of Nambu culture, tableware porcelain and retro dolls, there is a lot to choose from, (Nambu is the old name of the Iwate area prior to the introduction of the prefectural system). In addition to traditional items, it is also possible to find western goods. Prices range from 10 JPY into the thousands. The market is a great stop for antique hunters.

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