Morioka Castle: Feudal Lord Trail

Retrace the path of visiting feudal warlords

By Justin Velgus    - 1 min read

The Morioka Castle Site Park is a picturesque park where a castle once stood. It was destroyed in 1874, but there are a few remains of the castle left behind. If you approach from the outer moat on the Sakurayama Shrine side, you can retrace the path visiting feudal lords paraded until they reached the highest point: the main keep of the castle.

You begin your short journey on the banks of the ancient moat, work through a small shopping street, pray at the shrine, and traverse up to the top of the castle. Just walking from start to finish will take less than ten minutes, but take in the views and check out the secret in the back of the shrine and it will become an easy 30 minute adventure.

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