Service with a smile! (Photo: Bret de Colebi)
Service with a smile! (Photo: Bret de Colebi)
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Mugs Cafe

Great Coffee and Burgers by the Sea

Mugs Café is a fantastic marriage of a trendy café and a down to earth junk food diner that has something that is sure to please everyone. Located centrally to all the sight-seeing locations in Takamatsu, this place still manages to give you the impression of a local, Mom and Pop style establishment. This feeling is accentuated with the fact that your drinks will be whipped up by the Barista-husband and your food will be cooked by the Cook-wife with a friendly service that will make you feel quite at home.

Mugs is one of the top rated burger joints in Kagawa on Tabelog (食べログ), the Japanese Yelp!, and the reasons are clear. Most places in Japan sell coffee, it is as ubiquitous a menu item as soda pop in the US, and the usual fare is really nothing to write home about. This is most certainly not the case with Mugs. The burgers and their delicious toppings might be good, but what makes Mugs Café so special and highly acclaimed is their drinks. They don’t slouch on quality, the coffee is a great roast and very aromatic. Want a frappé? No problem. Fruit smoothie? Coming right up. The variety of things available at Mugs would give Starbucks a run for their money, and you can enjoy them with some actual real food!

Another great thing that Mugs has going for it is the location. Located across the beach from the sea, you can enjoy the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea while you sip your favorite beverage. The many different ferry ports stretch across an area of about 2km, and Mugs is situated a little bit west of the middle of this stretch. West is best, however, as this brings the café closer to the most popular ferry docks and the middle of town. Within a couple kilometers lies Takamatsu station, the Kotoden lines, the covered shopping arcades, a majority of the nightlife streets, the museums, Tamamo and Central Parks, and the population center of the city. Get a coffee before you hop on a ferry to Naoshima or swing by after visiting the Takamatsu Art Museum!

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