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Shikoku-Mura in Autumn

Autumn leaves and traditional houses

At the foot of the Yashima plateau near Takamatsu in Kagawa prefecture, Shikoku Mura is a collection of traditional buildings from around Shikoku, relocated to a pleasant landscaped park. Despite it being mid-December, I heard there were still red and orange autumn leaves to be found, so I set off to try to catch the last of them. 

Here, the brilliant oranges, reds and yellows of the fall foliage can be found alongside the many old buildings such as a lighthouse, a hotel and a sugar processing building. With the end of the year near, the hearths were being cleaned out and prepared for the new year. Still, sitting beside a warm hearth I was able to enjoy tea and rice cakes. If you find yourself hungry after walking through the large gardens, head to the old townhouse restaurant next to the parking lot to enjoy a bowl of sanuki udon noodles. 

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