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Kirihara Waterfalls in Kagoshima

The breathtaking natural side of Japan

If a natural, awing adventure is what you seek, then the waterfalls of Takarabe in Kagoshima are the destination that would be most ideal.

The night life of Tokyo seems to be one of the most popular draws in this country, as many yearn to experience the big streets, filled with many eye-catching lights and amazing fashion, but the natural sites that Japan has given birth to are just as spectacular to experience. That is why I recommend that travelers take a trip to the Kirihara waterfalls in Takarabe, Kagoshima. It almost feels unreal that there could ever be a place that is so appealing to the eye, as it is a wonderful place where one could go to clear the mind, and where one could relax and channel his/her positive energies.

For a first time waterfall experience this is definitely one of the most beautiful places that I had ever lay my naked eye on. Prior to this I had never been to any waterfalls, and I think that this trip is one worth making for anyone who enjoys traveling. The great thing is that there are actually three waterfalls in one area, each a driving distance of only a minute away from the others.

The Kirihara waterfalls are all hidden away in this area, so if you do not know where exactly they are you may miss them, but the beautiful soothing sound they make as the water rushes through the rocks may lead you. Many who live in Japan overlook their existence and this makes them known to few people. 

The Kirihara waterfalls are somewhat magical and serene, as if all the rocks and the greenery around them are designed to the detail to be in the positions that they are in. The typhoons and heavy rains occasionally visit the area and may even over flood the three beauties, making the idea of taking a swim in the waterfalls an overwhelming thought, but if you are lucky you may visit the waterfalls on the perfect day and engage in a pleasant swim in the belly of the nature of Kagoshima and thereafter consider having a picnic. Make sure to make a stop at a store where you can stock up on your favorite treats to complete your experience here, as there are no nearby places to shop.  

A guaranteed breath-taking experience where you get to clear your mind in the beauty of Kagoshima is what you can expect from visiting the Kirihara Falls in Okawara Gorge.

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