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Yuzawa-ya at Yokohama Bay Quarters

Enjoy Japanese Handcraft Shopping!

Even when visiting a foreign country, handcraft lovers are always looking for good materials and items to make something original with. You will be jumping for joy if you stop by Yuzawa-ya (ユザワヤ) here in Yokohama.

Yuzawa-ya, which has many branches, mainly in Tokyo and the surrounding area, is really well stocked. The Yokohama branch is a big shop, and their headquarter shop in Kamata is huge. You can find almost anything there, but it is too big to search for something quickly. So I think the Yokohama store is easier, especially if know what you are looking for or you just want to look around.

Before the shop opens at 11AM, you will find many people waiting in front of the front door. And the minute the door opens, they will rush to the section of the handcrafts they are interested in. People who are enthusiastic about their hobbies always impress me!

5th Floor

On the 5th floor, Yuzawa-ya has a variety of clothes, buttons, and ribbons. I don’t sew much myself,but I enjoy looking at buttons and ribbons, thinking of ways to decorate or accent my pouch, bags or hair accessories. Nicely colored ribbons are sold from lengths of 10 cm. Yuzawa-ya mainly handles cotton and polyester fabrics of Japanese classic design. For example, a design of a Japanese apricot flower I found was very nice. I liked this fabric’s color and touch. If it were silk, the price would surely be ten times higher. But here, fabric goes for about 2300 yen to 2700 yen for a standard 100cm X 112cm.

6th Floor

On the 6th floor, wool and acryl yarns, embroidery thread, sets of small pieces of cloth for patchwork, beadwork items, washi paper, calligraphy items, cute felt motifs, wooden stamps, and much more are on display.

A Chigiri-e set (torn washi paper collage) might make a fascinating gift for those who like painting pictures. The difference between chigiri-e and regular painting is that you use your fingers to tear and place the colored bits of paper instead of using a paintbrush.

If you learn a few Kanji characters during your trip here, starting to practice calligraphy will be enjoyable. And how about decorating your house with the Kanji figures you write? To make them, you will need a fu-de (writing brush), boku-ju (special ink), and paper—all available here!

I thought a small package of felt motif flowers would be a good match for my winter clothes, hat, or bag. How about you?! I expanded my imagination like this and enjoyed shopping for an hour or so.

Yuzawa-ya is a MUST for handcraft lovers. If you have some free time in Yokohama, please drop in at Yuzawa-ya!


After you come out of the Central East exist of Yokohama station, go straight through the shopping area “PORTA” until you come to SOGO. Then take the escalator at SOGO up to the second floor. Follow the signs towards Bay Quarters. It takes about 7 minutes from the station.

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