Exploring Enoshima - Part 2

A one-day trip to the famous island

By Elena Lisina    - 3 min read

After a good first half of the day and a nice lunch I found some steep steps leading down to the rocky coast of the island facing the ocean. On the way down I came across numerous shops and restaurants, many of which offered kakigori shaved ice flavoured with different syrups. Also I visited a shrine with a large dragon statue and saw some beautiful ajisai bushes.

Even though I wasn't able to visit the Iwaya Caves, the sight of that rocky coast was very exciting as I love spending time by water. In small pools naturally made by the ocean’s water I could see shells, tiny crabs and fish. There were other people with kids also exploring as well as some boys fishing. Time after time there'd be sudden splashes caused by the waves. Usually you see lots of seagulls on the coast, but here in Enoshima I saw kites flying above! I would like to have spent more time on the coast taking in the horizon and silver reflections of the sun in water but the summer sun today was a bit too intense for me.

The way back up the stone stairs was much harder and so I stopped at one of the restaurants. With great pleasure I ate a bowl of lemon kakigori! I also managed to finally see the statue of Benten hidden behind the gates under reconstruction - it was beautiful. By chance I visited a very nice shop selling fine ceramic items and though I wasn't able to buy anything yet, I was kindly allowed to take photos.

Before visiting Enoshima I had a dream of swimming in the ocean in the evening and so with that idea in mind I headed to the beach. Alas, the water was too cold, and the waves made swimming difficult. There weren't any dressing rooms at the beach and the sand was almost black in colour. All of those facts combined convinced me to not swim so I instead spent some time walking along the beach in shallow water.

Arriving at Enoshima, I thought the island was tiny. Leaving, though, after a full day of interesting and wonderful things, I could appreciate just how 'large' the island really was. A hidden treasure. Like so much in Japan.

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Elena Lisina

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