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Garlic House Restaurant in Yokohama

Calling all garlic lovers! Best garlic dishes in town!

It was early evening when we strolled along the streets of Yokosuka (note: restaurant has since moved to Yokohama) and came across a sign that read Garlic House. What is this? A restaurant that specializes in garlic dishes? I am sold! Our very first visit was such a pleasant surprise. Food was outstanding, service was genuine and the atmosphere was super cozy. What makes this restaurant extra special is that each visit feels like dinner with a personal chef. Not only did the chef prepare each dish with passion, he greeted us at the door, showed us to our table, took our order, and then immediately delivered each plate to us fresh off the grill. With a seating capacity of about 40 and dining hours from 5:00pm to 10:00pm, reservations are highly recommended. It appears Garlic House is quickly gaining in popularity!

According to its Facebook page, Garlic House opened its doors on December 14, 2011. They update their status often by posting pictures of their mini-garlic mascot posing with their fresh made dishes. For those of you who aren’t familiar with garlic, it is a fundamental herb used in many or most dishes of Asia and Europe. In my native culture, a hint of fresh garlic is used in many of our recipes and it seems to grow to a larger serving, as I get older. In addition to its culinary purposes, there are numerous health benefits linking garlic to conditions associated with the blood system and heart.

You’ll immediately notice the ‘Recommended Menu’ at the entrance. But not to worry, the same items are highlighted in red on the English or Japanese menu. For starters, we typically order a salad and soup. The Avocado Salad made with fresh crisp lettuce, crunchy okra & baby corn is wonderful. The spicy thousand-island type dressing just awakens your taste buds. The Garlic Chowder is enough to feed three and is just so flavorful with the infusion of garlic and bacon in a creamy broth. Our top two menu items are the Garlic Pizza and Garlic Fried Rice; hands down, the most amazing garlic dishes in town! Probably the best pizza dough I’ve had since visiting New York City. And the rice….oh, the fried rice! The fluffy blend of their choice grain, scrambled egg, & chicken, topped with scallions is a winning combination! Finally, enjoy your meal with a glass of red wine. The chef carefully pours it to the brim, which makes it well worth the listed price.

Due to the occasional one-man army at Garlic House, plan on enjoying dinner here when you have extra time to spare. And when you finally make it out here, don’t forget to grab some complimentary gum before you exit. Enjoy!

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