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Hamburger Restaurant Gokuraku Tonbo

Cozy diner in front of Gokurakuji Station in Kamakura

In late February, I visited the neighborhood of Gokurakuji Temple in Kamakura in search of spring. However, it was still VERY cold, and by the time I finished exploring Gokurakuji and Jojuin temples I was freezing to death. So I ducked inside a restaurant standing in front of Gokurakuji Station, just to warm myself up. It turned out to be the hamburger restaurant Gokuraku Tonbo (meaning happy-go-lucky person). I was lucky because, although I just wanted to defrost myself, which I did with a warm cup of tea first, the hamburger set I ordered for my lunch was truly delicious! By the time I left the restaurant I was warm, full, and very happy. Recharged by an unexpectedly nice lunch, I headed for my next appointment, a hot date with Mt. Fuji!

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