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Hydrangeas at Enkakuji Temple

Colorful sights in Kamakura

Situated within the forested hills of kita-Kamakura, Engakuji Temple holds the proud title of being one of the top five Zen temples in Kamakura. Originally built by Hojo Tokumune in 1282 to commemorate the souls of fallen warriors during the second attempted Mongol invasion, Enkakuji has grown considerably in size over the course of history.

When first approaching this temple from Kita- Kamakura Station, it’s difficult to fully appreciate its full size until you pass by the main gate (the Sanmon), where the sheer scale of this complex becomes immediately obvious.

Although Enkakuji is perhaps, more popular during autumn, I came here during the height of the rainy season (in mid-June), and was lucky enough to see a varied array of colorful hydrangeas in full bloom. Despite only intending on staying around for a short time, the vastness of this complex provides a good relaxing space where it is easy to lose track of time while enjoying the colorful sights

Getting there

This temple is located less than 100 meters away from Kita-Kamakura Station. When exiting this station there are numerous signposts to guide you here

More info

Find out more about Engakuji Temple.

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