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Kanagawa’s Joga-shima Island

A Fun One-Day Trip From Tokyo or Yokohama

Joga-shima Island is a scenic seashore resort that is only an hour and a half distance from Tokyo. There is a lot to do here, including its great hiking course.

Let’s take a look at some of the other great activities!

Keikyu Joga-shima Hotel bathing facilities

If you’d like to try an open-air bath, here you are. From 11 AM to 6 PM, visitors can take a bath for 1000 yen. First you get a ticket at the hotel reception. They will tell you where to go. You can rent a hand towel for 300 yen. Carry this with you to cover your body if you feel shy. Body soap, shampoo, hair rinse, a hair dryer, and face lotion are all included at the bath for free. After undressing, please be sure to leave your valuables in a safe in the dressing room. Before you soak in the bath, wash yourself under a shower, please. This is proper manners for public bathing. The open-air bath is outside the glass door. This bath commands a splendid view of Mt. Fuji if you stand up and look over the bamboo hedge…and if the weather is nice! Even without the view of Mt. Fuji, you can still look out on a nice sea view and fishing boats. In this wonderful outdoor hot bath, you will be 100% contented.

Seafood Restaurant: Shibuki-tei (しぶき亭)

Because the opposite shore is Misaki port, which is famous for tuna, there are many tuna restaurants near the Joga-shima bus terminal. Most of the restaurants serve not only tuna, but also squid and shellfish. The reason I recommend this restaurant among the many in the area is the volume and variety of their meals. The most popular item on the menu are bowls of rice with fresh slices of raw tuna or tuna and squid on top. Surprisingly, Shibuki-tei always includes some other side dishes, such as two types of deep fried fish, a vegetable, miso dip, fermented squid, pickles, and miso soup. All are really nice matches for the rice! For only 1000 yen, it is quite nice.


There are some fishing spots near Joga-shima bus terminal. The embankments overlooking the port and sea are so popular you might not be able to find a spot to set your rod on weekends, but during weekdays, you can. Most of the fishermen here are hoping to catch parrot fish, black porgy and rockfish.

Shore playing

Joga-shima has no bathing place. But you can play around on the rocky stretch of shore gathering shellfish, looking at fish in the water, or just laying down on the rock to enjoy the sun.

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