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Mikasa Park Water Show, Yokosuka

Beyond memorial ship Mikasa, water fountains & more!

Tucked beyond the preserved Japanese Battleship Mikasa are beautiful man-made water streams, fountains and a waterfall at Mikasa Park in Yokosuka. Every day, the impressive waterfall powerfully flows just before the 15-minute dancing water fountain show that is sometimes synchronized to symphony orchestra music depending on the month you visit. Not exactly the grand Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, but according to the Kanagawa Japan Tourist Guide, Mikasa Park has been chosen as one of Japan's 100 Best Urban Parks.

The theme of the park is "Water, Light and Sound." It’s a great place to wander around and discover just how spacious the park is and what it has to offer. There are seasonal flowers, shrubbery, and a locomotive train that highlights the children’s playground. During Cherry Blossom Season the pathway behind the playground is just beautiful when everything is in full bloom. Towards the back of the park is an amphitheater typically used during festivals, and the two rainbow-shaped, mirrored arches that represent peace. If you’re lucky you’ll catch the kaleidoscope effect on the arches depending on how the sun strikes each of them.

There are multiple fountains that accentuate the large water feature that lays front and center. Sit down and relax. Or, along the way are stepping-stones placed in the middle of streams that children would definitely enjoy crossing. From the picture that is posted along the Cherry Blossom tree path, the water fountain show in the evening depicts colorful floodlights for a captivating landscape.

The recurring, dancing water fountain show plays several times throughout the day. The large waterfall is the backdrop of the fountain, which flows just 15 minutes prior to the start of the water fountain schedule. In the months of March, July, and November, the dancing fountains are synchronized to music during the following times:

  1. 11:00am ~ 11:15am
  2. 12:30pm ~ 12:45pm
  3. 2:00pm ~ 2:15pm
  4. 3:30pm ~ 3:45pm
  5. 5:00pm ~ 5:15pm
  6. 6:30pm ~ 6:45pm

Just like the Fountains of Bellagio, the Mikasa Park water fountain show is complimentary to all visitors. Memorial Ship Mikasa is ¥500 for General Admission. To access Mikasa Waterfront Park, view a detailed map here. It’s about a 7-minute walk from Yokosuka-Chuo Station. By car, the park is just off of Route 16 next to Kanagawa Dental College. You can find a few paid car park's within the vicinity.

For a schedule of events at Mikasa Park, check out the Kanagawa Park website.

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