Shironosea Seaside Restaurant

Delicious seafood dining at Yokohama Marine & Walk

By Naomi Isaka    - 2 min read

Shironosea Seafood Restaurant & Seaside Lounge is one of the eateries located in Yokohama's Marine and Walk shopping complex. It’s in the perfect location to enjoy a delicious meal and a view of the sea. Dining here gives you the opportunity to do some shopping after your meal, or to take a nice stroll along the bay.

This restaurant offers a filling meal at a very reasonable price. It's design is open and spacious, making it easy to enjoy your surroundings. The staff are very welcoming, attentive, and experienced - providing great service throughout your entire meal. You are able to conveniently book a reservation online or by phone, but it is not required.

The restaurant chef keeps in mind the essence of individual countries and has created simple and delicious seafood dishes. An appetizer plate of guacamole dip and tortilla chips, with olive oil and freshly baked bread (that melts in your mouth), are included in every lunch set, along with the drink of your choice. The menu provides an assortment of set options including delicious pastas, seafood main dishes, or bouillabaisse. The a la carte menu includes a variety of salads, ceviche, and another bouillabaisse. A dessert-of-the-day, at the end of your meal, is also an option. It is only 300 yen.

The restaurant's homemade sangria's are a recommended drink that are very tasty and pair nicely with each meal. There is a separate menu for dinner, but the offerings are similar to those offered at lunch. An assortment of different tapas can be enjoyed as appetizers. They also offer a variety of pizzas.

It is also possible to hold a private party, or wedding, in this restaurant. It is a perfect seaside location that offers delicious food, great hospitality and an atmosphere that will surely be remembered!

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Elena Lisina 2 years ago
Beatiful place! In Japan food is very good, isn't it?