Soleil Hill Nanohana Festival

Fields full of yellow in Kanagawa

Venue: Nagai Uminote Park Soleil Hill When: Dec 22nd - Mar 29th 2024

From mid December until late February, Yokosuka Soleil Hill will host their annual nanohana festival, dedicated to what some people may know as bright yellow rapeseed flowers. The nanohana plants here are cultivated in a way that makes them bloom sequentially over a period of approximately 100 days, giving visitors a substantial window to enjoy their colorful charm. On clear days, the venue even offers a view of Mount Fuji, adding to the beauty.

Along with the flowers to appreciate, the event will include dishes incorporating nanohana at the on-site Restaurant Provence, and experience-based classes such as making melon pan adorned with nanohana motifs.

Admission to the event is free of charge.

Getting there

Yokosuka Soleil Hill is located a short bus ride rom Misakiguchi Station, which is served by the Keikyu Kurihama Line. Take the Keihin Kyuko bus bound for Soleil Hill - the ride time is about 15 minutes.

Alternatively, for those who opt to drive, on-site parking is available for up to 1500 vehicles at a charge of 1000 yen.

More info

Find out more about Nagai Uminote Park Soleil Hill.


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Elizabeth S 2 years ago
Every spring I prepare a generous bunch of nanohana with dashi broth and soy sauce. They're sharp and sassy.
Kim Author 2 years ago
Yum! One of the menu items for this event is meant to be pasta with peperoncino and nanohana!
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
I can't believe that something can bloom in December!!!
Kim Author 2 years ago
It's one of my favorite things about Japan, something to enjoy at every time of the year!