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Sunset at Shichiriga-hama Beach

One of the Enoden line’s best spots, Inamura-ga-saki

Driving along Route 134, a cozy sunset spot, Shichiri-ga-hama Beach, sits just before the cute little island of Enoshima. It is also accessible via a 10-minute train ride on the Enoden from JR Kamakura Station. Inamura-ga-saki Station is your stop. Climb up the nearby cliff and wait for the sunset. The sky changes little by little, and pine trees form a nice silhouette. Then the evening glow starts. Nice seafood restaurants, and cozy Italian cafes and bars are along Route 134. Enjoy a slow dinner after the sunset show.

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George Tan 9 years ago
I think i saw this place in some Japanese Drama!
Tomoko Kamishima Videographer 9 years ago
Right. After that drama, more and more people have been visiting there.
Olga 9 years ago
Now I remembered that I visited it last year. Beautiful!
Tomoko Kamishima Videographer 9 years ago
Oh, you visited there. You must have had a nice walk at Shichiri-ga-hama.

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