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Tinys Living Hub, Yokohama

Good things come in small sizes

Sitting beneath a viaduct within sight of Yokohama’s Ookagawa River lays a refreshingly new complex known as ‘Tinys Living Hub’. Opened in 2018, this ‘hub’, situated close by to Hinodecho Station, represents part of an ambitious and ongoing project by Yokohama City to rejuvenate its less developed neighborhoods through introducing art and innovation.

Upon first sight you could be mistaken for thinking that this is just another new restaurant or café within a city that already boasts plenty of these. However, this is only partly true since ‘Tinys’ is also home to a hostel along with a ‘water activity station’. This ‘water activity station’ provides a great opportunity for anyone to enjoy doing a range of water sports along the Ookagawa River. Some of the activities on offer include surfing and SUP, (stand up paddling) where each class is lead by a professional trained instructor.

Of equal interest is the “hostel” which, actually comprises of three custom built ‘mini-houses’ on wheels, hence the name Tinys! Interestingly, each one of these ‘mini-houses’ has its own unique concept and are each designed for a different purpose. For example, one of these ‘mini-house’ features dormitory style beds to cater for single guests while the other two cater more towards group or family bookings.

Finally, the central part of this complex features a ‘living hub’ (a café/restaurant), where both staying guests and the public can enjoy relaxing within a comfortable interior while looking out over the Ookagawa River. Although I haven’t tried any of the food yet, the lunch menu looks particularly appealing both in terms of cuisine and value with prices ranging from 950 to 1050 Yen for a set menu.

Whether you’ve always longed to sleep under a viaduct with the sound of trains passing by overhead or just simply, sip on a relaxing cup of coffee then Tinys could be the place for you.

Getting there

Situated along the Keikyu Line, Hinodecho Station is 2 stops away from Yokohama. From this station, leave by the only exit and cross over the main road and head towards the river. Upon reaching the Ookagawa River, turn right and walk for about 5 minutes where you will this complex hiding under several viaducts

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