Yokohama Lights

A Sunday night walk along Bashamichi

By Reynald Ventura    - 1 min read

The walk was a spontaneous decision; I didn’t plan it at all. As I got off the Yokohama Blue Line and emerged out of Kannai Station, I decided to take the Bashamichi exit. I had never used it before.

The broad streets and the absence of huge crowds were refreshing. The shops and restaurants looked posher and more refined than in the other quarters of the city. The sky seemed wider and brighter; there was a great sense of space.

The appearance of the new gentle moon was all the more amazing. Minato Mirai in silhouette was already wonderful. But to find a shy moon and a big star over the skyline was more than I could have wished for. The modern buildings and structures felt friendlier and less intimidating.

No matter how many times I’ve walked around this area, there is always something to discover. There are always new charms to encounter.

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Reynald Ventura

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