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Yokohama Pokemon Summer

The Pikachu have landed

On a very hot August day the Pikachu started showing up all over the Yokohama Mirai Area. This is an annual event that draws over 1500 Pikachu characters.

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A Poke Spot park was set up near Red Brick Warehouse where you can capture all the Kanto area Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Green with some rare ones added just for this event, including Mr. Mime, who is not found in Japan.

The walk from Yokohama station to the first sighting at Mark IS was so hot that I was totally drenched within a few minutes. How hot was it? 35 degrees C or 95 F

The heat did not diminish my determination to see as many Pikachu as possible.

Along the walkway between Queens Square and Landmark Center I Looked up in the sky and caught a glimpse of a Pikachu blimp circling the area. Later it was on the ground just beyond World Traders.

At Nippon Maru Memorial Park you could see the Pikachu boarding a boat. It was funny watching the process of getting them all on board as the space was very tight.

The boat takes them around to the Red Brick Warehouse. Oh, speaking of the Red Brick Warehouse, on Wednesday August 9th they had a Pikachu Super Soaking Show. If you were near the stage area, well...you got soaked. There were several water cannons squirting close to two tons of water - what a great way to cool down!

Over at Sakuragicho station were some lady Pikachu who were performing in stylish dresses. I felt sorry for them dancing around with no shade available.

The invasion started on Wednesday August 9th and ends Tuesday August 15th. On the 14th there will be a Pikachu Parade at 4 p.m. with more than 100 Pikachu marching down Nihon-odori Boulevard. The crowds are asked to wear yellow clothing, which will make it hard to tell the Pikachu from the sea of color.

Visit the web site for a daily schedule of events.

If you're in the area join in the fun, it is not only just for kids. During my visit the crowd was overwhelmingly made up of adults. This is just one of the many events throughout the year held in Yokohama.

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Elena Lisina 5 years ago
I'd like to watch Pikachu Parade someday...
Sherrie Miller 6 years ago
It is amazing this little mouse like creature has it's own annual event. I remember in Germany back in 1999/2000 collecting the German cards was a craze for my son. "Ich habe pokemon karten!"
Are there contests for the most Pikachu spotted?
Rey Waters Author 6 years ago
I do not know about contests, but they had pokemon's that were vey rare plus some that you could only get in Yokohama.
Elena Lisina 6 years ago
I like Pikachu!!! Nice photos, thanks!
Relinda Puspita 6 years ago
Pokemeooon is everywhere.

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