True beauty: The Landmark Tower and Kimono-clad Ladies. (Photo: Larry Knipfing)
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Yokohama’s Royal Park Hotel

Sleeping in the Sky!

Would you like to sleep in the sky?

Landmark Tower is truly a landmark of Yokohama city. We can see this beautiful building from almost everywhere in Yokohama, and even from Tokyo on a clear day! The Royal Park Hotel is located on the upper floors of the building. Staying at this hotel would be an unforgettable memory in your travels to Japan.

The Royal Park Hotel

The guest rooms are on the 52-67F of the building, and all rooms are over 210m high. Have you ever slept in such a super high place except on an airplane? Each room has a huge window just in front of a big comfortable bed. That means you may mistakenly feel that you are floating in the air when you wake up in the morning! Hopefully, you can enjoy both a daytime panoramic view as well as a brilliant night view. The scenery you look out upon isn't blocked by anything. Other buildings, monuments, and towers are far below your line of sight. When I stayed at this hotel, I found myself sticking to the window all the time. And I never got tired of it. It’s much better than TV. You will definitely have a lovely, romantic time with your partner!

The hotel restaurants are on the 68F, 70F and B1F. If you want to experience a different sky view than the one in your room, please visit these restaurants. You can enjoy a meal or drink from a different angle.

Sirius (70F): This is a bar at night and a buffet restaurant in the morning. It faces the Yokohama bay area and other Minato Mirai buildings. From the right hand sky, airplanes fly down to land at Haneda airport. The bridge at the lower right is the Yokohama Bay Bridge which is a 860m cable-stayed bridge crossing Tokyo bay. It is another symbol of Yokohama. If the weather is nice, you can recognize some famous structures in Tokyo on the left side of your window, especially Tokyo’s new “Sky Tree” (the highest tower in Japan), and the Tokyo Tower.

Sikitei (68F): This is a Japanese restaurant. You can see Yokohama stadium in the middle of the window from the restaurant. Your right side shows Negishi bay with oil refineries along the sea. The left side shows Yamashita park, Chinatown and Kannai area. Shikitei’s waitresses dress in kimono, and Japanese koto music plays softly in the background.

Rooms on the opposite side of the hotel facing the mountains offer beautiful views of the sunset and Mt. Fuji, mainly in winter.

Around the hotel

There are huge numbers of restaurants in other parts of the building and other buildings nearby. But choosing the best one from so many is sometimes difficult. So I would like to recommend a few nice ones. Please get a floor map at the information desk at Landmark Plaza, first!

Sushi: Numazu-Uogashi Sushi (沼津魚がし鮨) is on the 5F of Landmark Plaza (2-pink). They have counter seats and table seats. After ordering your drinks, take a look at the menu. It shows colorful pictures and prices for set dishes. English explanations are included under the photos. If you would like to order single sushi pieces one by one, you have to sit at the counter and tell the sushi chef what you want. My recommendation is the Uogashi Nigiri set (2600 yen). It comes with salad and miso soup. The slices of sushi are huge!

Café & Beer bar: Giraffe is also on the 5F (14-pink). This is a casual and relaxed restaurant-bar. The window-side looks out on the big anchored schooner, the Nipponmaru.

Ramen: Kuhkai(空海) is a fast food noodle shop. It's on the 1F of Landmark Plaza (5-pink). They also have a photo menu.

Convenience stores & food market: There are two convenience stores in the Landmark Plaza on the 1F. Seven-eleven is near the festival square (12-orange). Three F is the corner of the building (1-orange). You can get almost everything at those shops. They are open from 7am to 11pm. But you might not be satisfied with their selection of goods. If so, you have another choice—Seijo Ishii, which is a higher quality market that sells mainly imported foods(19-pink).

Post office: Next to Seven-eleven (11-orange) is a post office. They have three ATMs and a counter. If you want to draw some money using ATM, don’t go there during lunchtime. There’s always a long line!

Internet access: The Royal Park charges 525 yen per 30 minutes. But there is another option: For free WiFi service in Yokohama, see our article titled “FreeSpot: Free WiFi Spots for Mac users in Yokohama”.

I hope you enjoy sleeping in the sky. I did!

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Tomoko Kamishima Author 10 years ago
During the sakura season (March1-April 6), Swarovskistraße crystal cherry blossoms are displayed on the 3rd floor of the Landmark Plaza.

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