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Remote cluster of islands where dolphins live

About Amakusa
Photo: ジパング天草からの風景その2 - panoramio – Yuji Sakamoto / CC BY-SA 3.0

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About Amakusa

Amakusa is a set of islands made up of two larger ones called Kamishima and Shimoshima and numerous smaller ones. It is filled with lush greenery and natural geological formations, and is designated as an official geopark. Amakusa is also a hilly area where locals cultivate their crops on terraces.

The main islands of Amakusa are connected to each another and Kumamoto's mainland by bridges, while ferries are the primary form of transport to the smaller islands. Wild dolphins also live around the islands and they can be spotted on boat tours.

The islands have a long history of Christianity and this can be seen through various churches and museums that are scattered all over the area. These museums will show the persecution of Christianity during the Edo Period and have relics that include Christian items hidden inside Buddhist ones - perfect for visitors interested in religious history.